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Crossroads: A deep dive into Canada’s immigration turmoil

The NCM Podcast presents "Crossroads: A deep dive into Canada’s immigration turmoil"

New Canadian Media has always remained committed to amplifying the work of immigrant journalism and The NCM Podcast is an extension of that work in audio form. 

In this series —  Crossroads: A deep dive into Canada’s immigration turmoil —  we follow Katrya Bolger and Shaistha Khan as they speak with the people directly affected by shortcomings in the immigration system as we hear how their lives have been since their arrival. This first episode discusses an increased reliance on food banks among newcomers as Canadians face inflation and new financial requirements for international students kick in in the new year. 


Reporting by: Katrya Bolger 
Editorial Support: Shaistha Khan
Audio Production: Rhea Lisondra 
Song Used: No Indication by TrackTribe

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Katrya Bolger is a Thai-Canadian journalist. She writes about how national politics and policy impact Canada's immigrant communities. Since starting her career as a sub-editor for the Bangkok Post, she has spent over seven years writing and editing for various newspapers, magazines and non-profit organizations in Canada and abroad. Her written work has appeared in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette and The Walrus.

Shaistha Khan
Shaistha Khan is a Toronto-based freelance journalist and editor-writer who has lived and reported from Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf region for more than three decades. Her byline appears in BBC Travel, Al Jazeera, National Geographic Traveller UK, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet, USA Today, Teen Vogue, Vogue Arabia, Harper's Bazaar Arabia, and several in-flight magazines. She is also an Oral Historian with the 1947 Partition Archive, a California-based archive that documents first-hand accounts of the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. She is interested in socio-cultural issues at the intersection of immigration and international relations that impact the South Asian and Arab diaspora in Canada. 

Rhea Lisondra is a Carleton Journalism and Humanities graduate and is based in Trenton, Ontario. She reports for New Canadian Media and is a co-host on the podcast AZN Connection.

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