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Our Mission

New Canadian Media is a member-based, non-profit that exists to showcase immigrant journalism and amplify the work of journalists from various immigrant/ethnic backgrounds. Immigrants are among Canada’s marginalized communities, meaning that their views are not adequately reflected in public discourse, including through the media.

NCM has tapped into a deep reservoir of immigrant journalism talent – an untapped resource that counts over 200 individual contributors (“NCM Collective”) who speak and write in a rich variety of languages. NCM has also pioneered a national effort to raise professional standards through in-person training and mentoring under its educational mandate. An NCM audience profile survey conducted by Ekos Research Associates in 2016 showed that NCM’s readership was evenly split between Canadian-born and foreign-born readers and represents a wide diversity of Canada’s ethnic make-up.

The NCM Collective champions newsroom diversity and reporters from marginalized communities who have historically been excluded from Canada’s editorial platforms, and, through fair and balanced journalism, advocates for change on behalf of immigrants by telling their stories.

NCM is committed to exploring all forms of media art and storytelling, including multimedia, social media, narrative non-fiction and other innovative channels that capture the rich and varied lived experience of newcomers to Canada. Our newsroom works with immigrant and non-immigrant journalists to produce original news coverage to a professional standard. We believe in collaborative journalism, and in our short history, count the organizations below among our partners.


Whether you’ve just arrived in Canada or you are a third-generation immigrant, if you want to contribute to the conversation, you’re welcome here. NCM recognizes we are all immigrants here. Our focus is on recent immigrants arrived in the past 60 years and from every country outside of Canada in the world.

Our Vision

New Canadian Media aspires to be the news organization that reflects Canada’s rich diversity to the country’s evolving population through a truly representative newsroom. In time, we want to do breaking news, reporting and commentary informed by the perspectives of one-fifth of Canadians who are foreign-born. In short, we apply an immigrant lens to all facets of Canadian current affairs, producing original journalism from an immigrant perspective. Our storytelling offers fresh insights into developments in politics and society, enhancing understanding of our diverse world.

We are proudly pioneering a new pan-Canadian form of immigrant journalism in tune with the country’s changing demographics, while building bridges between its various solitudes. Our perspective is always Canadian, covering international, national, provincial, local and hyper-local issues that resonate within diaspora communities. We are engaging all immigrant communities to ensure they are a vital part of Canada’s national conversation.

We remain committed to launch a subscription service to provide exclusive content to mainstream and ethnic media organizations.

Our Funding

NCM competes with other media for readers and advertising and pursues revenue from diverse sources to cover its operating costs. We currently receive income from director-provided capital, advertising and government grants.

We receive these funds on the understanding that New Canadian Media retains complete control over the selection and presentation of editorial content.

We graciously acknowledge the contribution of the Canadian Heritage Department’s Canada Periodical Fund towards our current project: NCM – Seneca College Micro-credential program for Immigrant Journalists.

Our Local Journalism Initiative Reporting is funded by the Government of Canada

Educational mandate

New Canadian Media is a registered non-profit corporation with an educational mandate. We are dedicated to giving new Canadian journalists a platform to develop their skills, so training and mentoring play a large part in our strategy. We also plan to advance journalism education by sponsoring and participating in public debates, leadership seminars, speakers’ series, workshops and internships.

How You Can Get Involved

New Canadian Media welcomes new voices and new perspectives. To submit story ideas, e-mail us at publisher@newcanadianmedia.ca

Ethical Values

NewCanadianMedia.ca adheres to the highest values of journalism and content sourcing, including the Canadian Association of Journalists’ ethics guidelines and Canadian Press’ news principles.

  • We will always prominently identify the source of articles.
  • We will always link to the original source of the article, if available online.
  • While summarizing content from elsewhere, we will reproduce only those portions of the headline or article necessary to make its point or identify the story.
  • When necessary and possible, we will provide context or commentary for the material used.

New Canadian Media is a member of the National NewsMedia Council, a voluntary self-regulatory organization that deals with ethical and journalistic practices in gathering and reporting the news. Visit mediacouncil.ca or call 1-844-877-1163 for more information. 

Staffing Policy

Staffing Policy

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