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International students were once welcomed to Canada with open arms. For those who arrived during the pandemic, their challenges have been especially difficult. (Photo by Porapak Apichodilok via pexels.com)

International students who arrived during the pandemic grapple with changes in policy

Once celebrated for their potential to bolster Canada’s post-pandemic economy, international students now confront mounting obstacles, jeopardizing their dreams of stability and opportunity in the country


Canada’s diaspora filled gap in response to COVID crisis: Report

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the role grassroots organizations can play in reaching new Canadians, researchers say.

Sikh security officer

Toronto reinstates 100 Sikh guards after outcry

Following the World Sikh Organization of Canada taking the issue public, the City of Toronto is reinstating all security guards who lost their jobs because they were required to shave their beards in order to wear N95 masks.



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