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Algoma University students and their supporters protest outside the Brampton campus on Jan. 14. Photo: Somya Lohia

Algoma University international students ask for outside review of grading practices

The students say they want a more transparent grading system

A group of international students at an Ontario university are asking for a federal investigation into the school after dozens failed courses in an IT program.

The students have been protesting outside Algoma University’s Brampton campus since early January. On Wednesday, the university’s dean of business told students to file appeals of their marks.

WATCH: Algoma University international students ask for outside review of grading practices

The protest Jan. 3 after the revelation that 132 out of 230 students — predominantly international — failed the course. Responding to the students’ complaints, the Algoma administration conducted a review, applying a bell curve to the grades, resulting in 100 students achieving a passing grade. The remaining 32 failing students were offered a makeup exam.

The movement gained momentum when students from Business Administration and Human Resource Management post-graduate programs joined in, citing similar mass failures in three courses taught by the same professor. Some students said they failed the same class twice.

The protest reached its peak on Jan. 14 when students took to the streets surrounding the downtown Brampton campus at the northeast corner of Main and Queen streets. Displaying placards with slogans such as “Students Justice Now,” “Is Justice Not Our Right,” and “Please come and talk to us, we need explanations,” the students group demands transparent grading processes and immediate action to rectify alleged academic injustice.

The university administration said it values “academic integrity.”

“As a public university, Algoma University deeply values academic integrity. While we provide all students a range of resources to support their success, it is up to them to do the work and pass their exam,” the university said in a statement to the Toronto Star.

“Algoma University very much wants the small group of protesters — some of whom are Algoma University students and some of whom are not — to come inside where they are safe and warm. We can extend an invitation; not a promise of better grades.” 

Despite repeated attempts, the university administration has not responded to NCM’s requests for comment.

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