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Renew Your Collective Membership Today!

It’s time to renew your NCM membership to continue expanding and exploring new horizons. (new members – click here)

To thank you for our fantastic growth, we are shipping you a Press ID Card, right to your doorstep when you renew your membership. Also, please reach out to your writer friends to join us.

Key NCM Collective Member Benefits

As a valuable new NCM Collective member, you have access to several benefits:

  1. $100 Minimum Fee for Each Contribution: You get the first opportunity to be assigned stories for NCM and receive a minimum payment of $100 for each editorial contribution.
  2. Create Content for Other News Media Platforms: You can produce content for other media platforms that are part of a reciprocal agreement with New Canadian Media.
  3. Professional Development Seminars: Enjoy online and in-person professional development seminars and events to help you stay up-to-date with issues such as learning the Canadian Press style, social media strategies, ethical considerations, fact-checking and more, to develop a strong journalistic voice.
  4. Networking with Established Journalists: NCM organizes exciting workshops and events that help you connect with industry leaders, fellow journalists and news outlets across the country.

Upgrade to the NCM-CAJ membership ($50)

If you’re looking to be a part of a larger network of journalists from across Canada, we request you to upgrade to our NCM-CAJ Collective that also allows you access to a roster of other perks and privileges.

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