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New NCM-CAJ Collective Landing Page

New NCM-CAJ Collective

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NCM is going places! Our high-calibre journalists are reporting on every corner of Canada, covering a spectrum of ethnocultural communities in rural and urban regions. Our journalist training workshops and webinars led by industry experts are gaining momentum across the nation, empowering mentees and immigrant journalists with full support, resources and guidance, ensuring they reach their fullest potential. We are collaborating with a multitude of news media organizations to bring authentic, ethically-sourced stories. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that every community and minority group is heard and respected.

As we continue to build a more inclusive Canadian media, our Collective continues to grow rapidly too. As of October 2020, we are 200 members strong with a diverse, enterprising group that spans all areas of journalism from digital media to broadcast, podcast and print. 

Current NCM Collective members do not need to fill in the form again. Just send the annual fee to

We continue to grow in leaps and bounds with a new partnership that promises to take our members to the next level of professional development. NCM is delighted to now join the prestigious Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ), the nation’s only association that represents journalists across the country. With this collaboration, we are excited to open the gateway to a wealth of new opportunities, perks and privileges. 

Here is more on what this collaboration means for you.

What is CAJ?

The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) is the national voice of Canadian journalists. Launched over 40 years back, CAJ is committed to offer guidance, support and developmental programs to promote excellence in journalism, right from the university classroom to the national stage. 

CAJ connects budding and established journalists through networking events, annual conferences, fellowships and mentorship opportunities. Members enjoy attractive incentives and exclusive service benefits from retail store, travel and insurance discounts to national awards and fellowship funding. 

CAJ has long standing partnerships with the nation’s top news media organizations in an effort to bring the community closer, allow access to valuable resources, and recognize the best works through the Annual Canadian Journalism Awards. 

Below are a few words from the CAJ President and National NewsMedia Director, Brent Jolly, to welcome NCM members into its fold.


Why Should You Join the NCM-CAJ Collective?

CAJ and NCM are both non-profit organizations that aim to provide support and professional development opportunities to Canadian journalists. Grow your network, connect with leading and budding journalists from across the country and enjoy the special benefits below:

How to Join the NCM-CAJ Collective?

The CAJ, just like NCM, is an independent, non-profit organization. We charge a small membership fee to streamline operational management and allow you access to several advantages. It is easy to be a part of the exclusive NCM-CAJ Collective. 

  • Simply sign up
  • E-transfer a small annual fee of $50 to and upgrade to the NCM-CAJ Collective. 
  • Printable Membership Cards are available upon request. Please note the cards are not designed for the purposes of accreditation or any other scenario where press ID is required. Cards will be emailed to you to print and place in ID card holders
  • We offer the option of a photo or non-photo card. Members who would like a photo card must send a photo, by e-mail to
Eligibility Conditions:
NCM-CAJ Collective membership is open to registered NCM Collective members
Not published? No problem!
Just send us your pitches, and get published. We offer mentorship programs to budding journalists and new immigrant reporters if you need more guidance.
Contact or submit a pitch in pitch form to start working with us.
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