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A screengrab of MP Melissa Lantsman presenting the E-4507 petition in the House of Commons. Photo: Submitted

Hinduphobia petition tabled and awaiting government response

MP Melissa Lantsman presented the petition in the House of Commons Nov. 2.

The petition to formally recognize Hinduphobia as a form of discrimination has been tabled in Canada’s House of Commons.

Member of Parliament Melissa Lantsman tabled Petition e-4507, which garnered more than 25,000 signatures, on Nov 2. 

“Everyone in this country deserves a safe place, free of intimidation, violence, harassment and vandalism to worship, no matter what that looks like,”  said Lantsman, who backed the petition.

“Hindus are facing growing negative stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, at work, in schools and in their communities.” 

MP Melissa Lantsman with representatives of Canadian Hindu organizations at the House of Commons. Photo: Submitted.

The petition was initiated by  some Hindu organizations’ concerns for their safety in the face of escalating anti-Hindu sentiment, driven by cultural misunderstandings and misinformation about the Hindu religion.

It was endorsed by the Canadian Organization for Hindu Heritage Education and highlights instances of microaggressions and targeted hate speech, such as derogatory comments and temple desecration. It aims to raise awareness of these issues and foster a safer and more respectful environment for Hindu Canadians.

 “We have received an email from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office advising us that our correspondence has been forwarded to MP Kamal Khera, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion, for her information and consideration as the matter falls under her portfolio. We are awaiting a response from Minister Khera,” according to  a press release from the Toronto-based organization. 

The government is required to reply to the petition, within 45 calendar days, or on the next sitting day if the House is not in session.

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