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Collective testimonials – Témoignages

Learn more about some of our members and why being part of the New Canadian Media Collective is important to them.


Adriano Macedo:

“New Canadian Media is a great opportunity to awake and keep our sense of community alight. The mentorship program is a bridge not only to hone our skills based on the Canadian Press style but also to understand the main issues affecting the immigrant’s life and share their stories and views.”

Journalist and writer with a background in Corporate Communication, Media Relations and Editorial Management. Lived in Brazil, France and currently is based in Toronto.

Iqbal Chowdhury:

“NCM helped me tremendously to regain my journalistic instincts. The NCM network of journalists is also astonishing. The mentorship program helped me a lot to hone my skills as a journalist in Canada.”

New Canadian Media is a new hope for Canadian immigrant Journalists.

Tazeen Inam:

“New Canadian Media Collective is a great platform for me as an individual as it exposed me to larger media organisations like the CBC and the National News Media Council. Being part of the Collective helped me develop connections with other members who are media experts in their own fields and come from diverse backgrounds. I have learned a lot from various NCM activities such as webinars, seminars and meet-ups. All this has allowed me to write engaging stories about Canadian immigrants for the larger Canadian society to better understand the issues immigrants face, and to help other immigrants find the right path in the settlement process.”

Tazeen Inam has more than 10 years of experience in broadcast journalism in Pakistan and currently works as an intake worker at a newcomer centre.

Judy Trinh:

“New Canadian Media is an important outlet for immigrant journalists to tell their stories. Ongoing cuts to newsrooms are resulting in a reduction in the already small numbers of visible minority voices in journalism. New Canadian Media provides a platform to amplify ethnocultural issues and perspectives traditional newsrooms are neglecting because they no longer have immigrant voices from within drawing attention to these stories.”

Judy Trinh is a broadcast journalist who works for the CBC and writes freelance features for various publications such as Ottawa Magazine and the Toronto Star.

Judy Trinh
Minu Mathew:

“New Canadian Media is all about possibilities. It has given me a platform to celebrate immigrant stories, ask pertinent questions, challenge status quo and shift our diversity and inclusion paradigms.”

The country you lived in before Canada/heritage – Indian, lived in Sweden, US and UK

Marcus Medford:

“I am a third-generation Canadian; grandparents came to Canada from the Caribbean in the ‘70s. I started writing with New Canadian Media while I was studying journalism in university and it was a wonderful experience. What I enjoyed most about writing with New Canadian Media was getting the opportunity to explore an idea I was curious about and develop a story around it. By writing more articles, editing other’s work and mentoring fellow journalists, I’ve not only become a better writer but my appreciation of journalism has increased.”

Your professional background (journalism or others) MBA Marketing.

Marcus Medford
Shan Qiao:

“New Canadian Media offers me the chance to publish stories focused on diversity and inclusion that I don’t have the opportunity to do in the mainstream media. It also helps me hone my journalism skills.”

Shan Qiao is a freelance photographer ( She previously worked at a daily newspaper and is passionate about writing.


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