Displaying items by tag: Newcomers - New Canadian Media - New Canadian Media http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca Thu, 21 Jun 2018 21:30:35 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Technology Helping Newcomers to Metro Vancouver http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40969-technology-helping-newcomers-to-metro-vancouver http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40969-technology-helping-newcomers-to-metro-vancouver #Peacehack hackathon, hosted by PeaceGeeks, in November 2016 to strengthen immigrant and refugee settlement in BC.
by Daniel Morton in Vancouver One year after Canada first resettled 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canadian communities — a number…
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The Darker Side of the Indo-Canadian Journey http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37851-the-darker-side-of-the-indo-canadian-journey http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/37851-the-darker-side-of-the-indo-canadian-journey Reviewer Anita Singh likes Pratap Reddy's Reddy’s willingness to talk about the darker side of the Indo-Canadian immigrant experience.
Review by Anita Singh in Toronto Almost 40 years ago, my grandparents changed our family’s history by deciding to move…
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Story of Filipino Family Hits Home for Immigrants http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/36512-story-of-filipino-family-hits-home-for-immigrants http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/36512-story-of-filipino-family-hits-home-for-immigrants Eleanor Guerrero-Campbell discusses her debut novel, Stumbling Through Paradise: A Feast of Mercy for Manuel del Mundo, at the Creekside Community Recreation Centre in Vancouver.
by Melissa Shaw in Vancouver A new novel reflects on the experiences of Filipino Canadians through the story of one…
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Journey Back to Vietnam Becomes Universal Story http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/35105-journey-back-to-vietnam-becomes-universal-story http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/35105-journey-back-to-vietnam-becomes-universal-story Author Kim Thuy speaks to a Montreal audience about her new book, Vi, which is about a woman's journey back to Vietnam after immigrating to Canada as a child.
by Elvira Truglia in Montreal Kim Thuy’s fourth novel continues the author’s style of recalling her own journey to Canada…
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Healthy Eating Not Just for White, Wealthy: Author http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/34797-healthy-eating-not-just-for-white-wealthy-author http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/34797-healthy-eating-not-just-for-white-wealthy-author Sonia Faruqi speaks at the Morrin Centre in Quebec City about her first book, Project Animal Farm: An Accidental Journey into the Secret World of Farming and the Truth About Our Food, during the imagiNation Writers' Festival.
by Rosanna Haroutounian in Quebec City A trip to an organic dairy farm in Ontario was enough to inspire a…
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Comedy Reveals Challenges of Canadian Democracy http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/34677-comedy-reveals-challenges-of-canadian-democracy http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/34677-comedy-reveals-challenges-of-canadian-democracy From left to right, director Amita Zamaan, MPP Michael Mantha, and panel moderator Elamin Abdelmahmoud discuss the film My Canadian Internship during a screening in Toronto.
by Danica Samuel in Toronto “Just because you’ve fallen off ship doesn’t mean you’re drowning.” In the film My Internship…
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Big-Ticket Budget Items Welcome After Past Inaction http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/34275-big-ticket-budget-items-welcome-after-past-inaction http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/34275-big-ticket-budget-items-welcome-after-past-inaction The federal government's recently announced commitment to Canada's indigenous communities is long overdue, writes Winnie Hwo.
Commentary by Winnie Hwo in Vancouver The much-anticipated first federal budget from the new Liberal government was unveiled on March…
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Adapting to Canada No Easy Feat: Award Winners http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/33800-adapting-to-canada-no-easy-feat-award-winners http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/33800-adapting-to-canada-no-easy-feat-award-winners From left to right: Senator Thanh Hai Ngo, ISC CEO Krystyna Biel, ISC Board Chair Josephine Pon and Senator Victor Oh hold a certificate of achievement from the Senate of the Government of Canada in recognition of the 20th edition of the Immigrants of Distinction Awards held at the Westin Hotel, downtown Calgary, Mar. 11, 2016.
by Daniel Leon Rodriguez in Calgary In 1993, when Dr. Hude Quan came to Calgary from China, he knew nothing…
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‘Canadian Dream’ Less Likely Under Quebec’s Bill 70 http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/33764-canadian-dream-less-likely-under-quebecs-bill-70 http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/33764-canadian-dream-less-likely-under-quebecs-bill-70 Quebec's new welfare reform could push highly skilled immigrants to work low-wage jobs, like factory work, or else face a 50 per cent reduction in social assistance.
by Matt D’Amours in Montreal Community organizations and immigrant lobby groups in Quebec are speaking out against a provincial welfare…
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Small Cities Need More Funds for Economic Integration http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/33736-small-cities-need-more-funds-for-economic-integration http://www.park.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/33736-small-cities-need-more-funds-for-economic-integration Even highly skilled immigrants with work experience, education and English proficiency are experiencing difficulty finding jobs, said one settlement worker at the 18th National Metropolis Conference.
by Marcus Medford in Toronto Settlement agencies in Canada’s Atlantic provinces are working closely with provincial governments to better service…
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